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Today It’s All About Me…

3 Aug

There are some days when I wake up and know that today is rest day, today it’s all about Susan the living, breathing person rather than Susan the entrepreneur, or the founder of a cosmetics company, or Susan the employer. I take 3 deep breaths while still in bed and do a silent prayer, thanking God for the blessings I see in my life and asking Him to further give me the wisdom and courage to pursue the tasks of the day. (Yes I really do live by the day, maybe not so quite in the moment – it’s something I’m still learning to do ever since I read Ekhart Tolle’s “The Power of Now” – but neither do I wallow in too much worry for what’s to come next year or the year after that).

And of course, after my morning coffee ritual (these 10 minutes of just making my espresso is what I call my “minutes of reflection and peace”, extremely invigorating when it’s just you pottering about in the kitchen, watching the coffee brew and taking in that delightful aroma), I curl up on my sofa and go straight to a good book. At the moment, it’s Paolo Coelho’s “Aleph” and oooh the quotes in that book are life-changing! My favourite is definitely the one about going for your dreams (see below for today’s Beauty Tweet and share it if you agree)

Later, I do what is becoming a near-obsession lately i.e. reading business blogs mostly recommended by other female entrepreneurs (and no, they don’t all have to be written by women, as long as they’re inspiring and nurturing). A few good ones I’ve been following are :

  1. Marie Forleo
    I think she single-handedly reinvented the whole concept of life & business coaching.
  2. Melissa Cassera
    Melissa makes me smile (always a good thing during your downtime), she has some seriously good tips on PR and Marketing yourself and your brand, done in a big, brazen way which I love!
  3. Mastin Kipp’s The Daily Love
    I sometimes wish I came up with this, little snippets of how to love yourself and others in your mailbox every fortnight. Helpful, Hopeful, Heavenly.
  4. Angela Jia Kim’s Savor The Success Videos
    When Angela first started vlogging her experiences on starting her Om Aroma brand, she had less than 10 followers, and I was one of them. Fast forward 6 years later, and she not only has a successful skincare brand, but a business network for female entrepreneurs making at least 6-figure sums (yes, that is a pre-requisite to joining her Savor Success Circle!).
  5. Neil Patel
    A british transplant now based in Seattle, Neil is a serial entrepreneur and I’ve used most of his companies’ services since starting out in business myself (the Hello Bar, Crazy Egg, etc…). A great marketer that we can all learn from.

Another thing I like to do on my “It’s All About Me” day is to work, and I know that sounds counter-intuitive but when I say work, it really has none of the negative connotations relating to doing something that someone forced upon me, or the daily humdrum of having to complete a project when all you really want to do is bask in the sunny outdoors with a lemonade. I L-O-V-E the creative part of my work, so it really is something I jump out of bed excited to do, especially when designing packaging, creating colours and tweaking our formulations. You can see from below, my hands are constantly (and I meant constantly!) covered in makeup. The picture below was taken when I was trying to compare whether the fill would fit in nicely with the injection colour of the primary component samples that I’d received just a couple of days ago.

Photo 03-08-2014 11 56 59

And below another shot (sorry I could have made it clearer but it’s my “All About Me” day today :)) of the 2 primaries which I have to choose from, a really fun part of the creative process as you look for brand & design consistencies.

Photo 03-08-2014 11 50 28 copy


TODAY’S BEAUTY TWEET : “Don’t be intimidated by others’ opinions. Only mediocrity is sure of itself, so take risks and do what you really want to do”@sosusanbeauty


Urban Decay’s Pizza PR

4 Oct

So word is Urban Decay has teamed up with Eddie’s Pizza Truck during NY Fashion Week to target audiences in an unusual way. After all the ubiquitous links with cupcakes, candies and anything sweet in our industry, I suppose this is one partnership that really garners attention.

Great for Urban Decay, perhaps not too fantastic for Eddie’s Pizza Truck – it just looks like a big cosmetics advertisement and I’m not feeling hungry at all! Typical food colours like yellow and red are completely absent. In their place, Urban’s put up purple, fuschia, dark blue, not lip-smacking and definitely not hunger-inducing. This is one PR stunt I’m just not feeling.

My Adventures with PR

26 Sep

I’ve put on so many hats when I first launched Jelly Pong Pong that I’ve had to take on so many different personas i.e. as a PR rep, a marketer, a salesperson, a cosmetics formulator, a lease negotiator, etc… One of my first “jobs” when working for myself was in PR and though it makes business owners wring with fear, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Making those cold calls, pitching the ideas, writing the press releases (I’m sure I wrote absolutely horrid convoluted ones, you have so many ideas in your head & get so passionate about your own brand, you just want to spew them out on paper) was an absolute pleasure when you then see your product on an editorial page. When I landed a product in Vogue’s millenium edition (I remember the beauty editor then, Jordana Reuben, requested 8.. yes EIGHT… full sized samples of ALL the products I was pitching. Multiply that by 10 products, and you’re talking about sending 80 pieces, a hefty investment for a company functioning from home, with no guarantee of a feature), it didn’t matter what I spent to get the products to her, or the hours on the phone trying to even have a 2-minute conversation with her. It went straight into the beauty pages, taking up 1/4 of a full page which would have cost me $30k in advertising costs alone.

Today, in order to learn more about this important division in my company (literally our bread-and-butter), I go through blogs written by PRs who are pros in their field (especially beauty PR) & have recently discovered a wonderful one by Alexis Rodriguez called ThePRCloset. Alexis, who’s Bobbi Brown’s PR, gives wonderful insights to a typical day at work as well as PR tips and strategies.

I also thoroughly enjoy PR Couture which is more fashion-based and gives important insights and interviews to the daily grind of an industry which is so heavily intertwined with mine.