My 5-Day Juice Cleanse

19 Feb

Those that know me, know I love my cleanses. I don’t always enjoy the process of getting through them, but I am somewhat addicted to how the body feels and the discipline of the mind that comes into play after every cleanse. So it all starts off today, a simple 5-day juice cleanse, which I’ve never done before (always with soup prior to this), 6 juices a day, every 1-half to 2 hours, that should last me a good 10 hours while I work.

This is what my really bare fridge looks like right now :

Juice Cleanse

Day 1 of Juice Cleanse

Yes, I cleared out all the contents, except for a carton of eggs, it just helps being a real foodie not to have food around all the time while I’m doing this!

10am : Great breakfast drink, orange, carrot & ginger, sipping it over 10 minutes as advised, but am really taking it slow as I’m never too hungry in the mornings. Back to work & tons of emails, keeps the head busy and the body too stressed to think of food!

2pm : The banana-coconut-pineapple concoction is going well, in place of my normal lunchtime sandwich / sushi. Not too bad but am constantly thinking of a big teaspoon of my lovely Nutella. Not feeling hungry but will take a cup of Rooibos tea in any case. Am now on my 3rd glass of water, which is great as I’m usually too lazy / not bothered with drinking that much water.

5pm : I have just gulped the 3rd bottle, a citrusy, cherry light smoothie, am experiencing the first pangs of hunger, but another cup of water down and that’s managed to squelch it. For the time being.

6pm : OK another cherry-ish thin smoothie, this is juice #4 and as dinner is normally my biggest indulgence of the day, I am getting a little peckish. I can see why they ask you to “sip” rather than gulp the juice down, no matter how tempting this is. It really gives your stomache time to feel full and then you don’t feel the urge to cheat so much. Gonna take my time with this one and stop thinking of pasta!

9.15pm : Actually forgot to take juice #5 at 8pm, been tweaking & re-tweaking an artwork for our Nail Lacquers that I forgot I was actually hungry. Sipping on this, with a cup of hot fruit tea and have not been tempted to cheat so far. Coffee craving’s still there though, but no headaches or any other caffeine withdrawal symptoms yet.

11pm : My final juice (#6) which I was supposed to take an hour ago but have been so caught up with work. Really enjoying this one while watching Disney, my favourite way to relax & regroup after a long work day! Am looking forward to see how I feel tomorrow morning…


5 Responses to “My 5-Day Juice Cleanse”

  1. Kem February 19, 2013 at 9:37 pm #

    Hello Susan,

    I really want to give the juice cleanse a go. Did you order the juices or made yourself in the labeled bottle?

    All the best.

    • susanchyi February 24, 2013 at 4:21 pm #

      Hey Kem,

      I got mine from Soul Mate Food, you can definitely make your own juices though. Any greens (which you think are going to taste disgusting blended with just water) taste amazing if you add in a whole banana and an avocado. They transform any juice blend beautifully!!

      • jennysmith1 January 14, 2014 at 10:44 am #

        Thanks for sharing very nice information.

  2. Elizabeth July 15, 2013 at 12:04 pm #

    Hi Susan,

    This is amazing 🙂 Is there a way to prepare the juice cleanse in home?

  3. Nice job Susan!

    This is great! 🙂 Thank you so much!

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