Help A Reader!

28 Aug

Received an interesting question from Becky below, please post in the comments area if you have any thoughts on the subject. It would be great to share experiences and support each other as we are all able to learn and contribute from personal trials & successes in the cosmetics industry.


Name: Becky
Your Questions: Hello,

I very interested in starting my own buisness selling organic makeup. I would perfer to make it myself but I dont have the room at the moment. I found some great websites for private labeling. I think this would be the best route in the beginning. Do I need special licensing to sell private labled products? I have a retail sales permit but I dont know where to go from here. ????




One Response to “Help A Reader!”

  1. Kala February 26, 2013 at 9:33 am #

    Private Labeling is in essence “Reselling” Or Retailing. You will need your Retails Sales Permit to sell and collect state tax if any. If you intend to open a retail shop.. then in some town or areas a ” City Business License. Here is an example: Where I live in PA, I applied for a City Business License (Application/Payment took 15 minutes.) Cost was $25 I left with my license. Thats all!

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