Help A Reader!

28 Aug

Hi Kristin! Thank you for your lovely comments, but I will need to open your question up to the public as I’d love to know a good source of great fragrance blends as well. We’re currently working with an essential oil-sourcing company but as I haven’t put them on a proper trial yet (i.e. launched the product), I won’t blog on them until I’m certain they’re worth the time & space here. If anyone’s able to help, please post your comments below, thank you!


Name: Kristin
Your Questions:

Hello!  Your blog is such an amazing inspiration and resource!

I’m wondering if you have any sources for (affordable) custom fragrance blends, particularly using essential oils rather than synthetic/fragrance oils.  I feel like scent is the one area where information is very hard to come by – and quality products can be equally hard to find!

Thank you!


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