Highly Recommended Courier : Royale International

10 May

I can’t remember who first told me about Royale International, I probably read it in a review site or something like that, but boy am I glad I contacted this company! Anyone who’s ever tried getting samples (packaging, tools & accessories in my case) from China knows that suppliers will normally provide it for free, but would never ever ship it free to you. Any requests of getting them shipped on credit, and then refunding them the amount when you order is normally rejected.

The most competitive quote I got in the UK is from a courier company called Fast Lane International (0.5kg sample pack for GBP25.25). Really good service, although waiting times on the phones can sometimes try your patience during peak hours. Also, the pick-up can take 2 working days, so not quite the perfect courier if you wanted an urgent delivery. However, I’ve never had a failed pick-up or a failed delivery and I honestly thought this was the bees’ knees when it came to international couriers, great service, amazing prices.

Then I emailed Royale International, who are based in Hong Kong. A reply came back within a day, with rates and a credit application form. I swear I don’t think they ever sleep! My emails were answered so promptly, even with the ghastly time difference between the UK and Hong Kong, and my credit application approved within hours. The BEST part is their prices. GBP 17 for a 0.5kg parcel from the smallest, most remote parts of China, it really doesn’t get any better than that.

Now the test : I had 2 packages picked up, both fairly unimportant samples just in case it was delayed or lost. Once confirmed, the pick-up happened within 24 hours which I was seriously impressed with. No weird forms to fill in. Ben, my account manager, called after 2 days to confirm the packages were on the way to me, and even their approximate time of delivery, to ensure I’d be in to sign for it. I was by that time, seriously impressed. However, in order to write this blog and give you a true review of every single portion of their courier service, I went out deliberately, thereby “missing” their delivery. Lo and behold, their driver called to let me know he was nearby, and whether I was in to sign for the package. It’s great when courier drivers call you, these are the people who handle your packages directly and having this additional little form of security makes you entrust them even more. I wasn’t, and he promised delivery the following working day, which of course arrived bang on time.

So yes, give them a call, get yourself an account, Royale International comes highly recommended.


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