Britain’s Next Top Model Live Show & our 3D designs

20 Oct

One of the moments I most look forward to in the Jelly Pong Pong office is when our resident 3D designer Ben, calls me up and tells me a render is ready. I literally hop & skip to his desk to check the image out & it is almost always what I envision.

This time is no different. As you all know, we’re participating for the first time in Britain’s Next Top Model Live Show at London Excel Centre. It promises to be 3 fun but entirely exhausting days of putting up & decorating the booth, meeting & greeting our biggest fans and selling limited-edition show-only bags.

Strategically though, when planning how the booth will look like, we need to ensure it will fit all our stock (as you’re not allowed to trolley extra stock in from your storage area, you want to ensure you maximise your revenues by not running out in the middle of the day!), our sales team & their personal belongings (coats, bags, etc.. .), display cases, paper bags, etc… At the cost of £240/m2 + VAT (and another £150 for lights) , you really want to ensure you utilize every single square inch!

Ben makes my job 1000 times easier and more accurate simply by rendering a 3D image of the booth (see below) and according to scale so I can see how things fit. It also gives me an accurate portrayal of whether the booth in its entirety will look good with the decorations we’ve chosen. After all, for these 3 days, it will be a retail environment for our customers and we need to ensure it sticks to Jelly Pong Pong’s fun, flirty ethos.


So here’s another handy resource you can use, as Ben works freelance. Big drumroll & say hello to our 3D extraordinaire!

Benjamine Lim

Email :


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