Business on a budget

29 Aug

One question I get asked most is ‘how did you manage to get started with so little?’. As you may have known, Jelly Pong Pong was started on a GBP 700 budget & a laptop, in my rented London apartment. When I say “started”, I mean getting a website up with 2 products (lip gloss & eye shadow) & securing my first sale on either. It was really a headlong, almost naive plunge into the unknown, and putting all pride aside by asking help from anyone I knew (my sister drew everything for free), searching for free website hosting (anyone remembers Geocities? Ahh..memories) & cold-calling suppliers to ask for overrun stocks.

This blog (thank you Cindy for persuading me to write it) gives you a little insight on the trials, tribulations, intricacies and inspiration in setting up a cosmetics brand and why this is a truly beautiful industry to be in.


One Response to “Business on a budget”

  1. geehudson December 31, 2012 at 3:08 am #

    Listen THXS!!! 4 sharing you are “CERTAINLY” an inspriation to me providing some clarity to help me help myself as I journey through this process confused and very, very small dollar amount.yet I truely believe NOTHING!!! is IMPOSSIBLE… I’ve always had a strong desire to create with color since around age eight. I would use the left over remnant that my older sister made garments from and design my own doll babe clothes, but it wasn’t the pieces that would woo ppl it was how i used the colors I’d put together. YES! I diffinantly have “THE EYE” a unique gift to create. On that note I’m so elated within to move forward and start my OWN Cosmetic line.. I’ll like to know if I have to register my logo name before I can request a Grafton catalogue? Also Ill li***Gee aka Gwen Ann ***

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